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What is our Program?

The Pros:

We will run your Server completely for you. We will bring our own Staff Members and Managers in to run your Server.

We will also develop your server if needed too.

Such as, provide builds, plugins and Texture packs if needed.

You will have no stress of running the Server.

You are still seen as the Owner and can come on and be the figure head of the Server whenever you like. You will have your own Community.

When Donations are recieved we will use the Donations to cover the Server expense (Becoming free) as well as a 10% cut of Donations.

If you wish to upgrade your server later on, you will need to pay for the first month of the RAM you purchase.

You may not upgrade to Dedicated Servers unless given permission to.

Server expenses (Your Expenses) will be: Your Web Hosting, Server Hosting and Dedicated IP addons.

You may earn profit from the Server(s) with little to no work.

There is no deposit required.

The Cons:

We will have complete control of the Server. You may give suggestions to how the Server is developed and ran but the final decision will be left with the Manager of the Server.

We will take a 90% Cut of your Server's Donations. Which Will be used to Develop the Server with and pay for the Staff Running the Server.

We will own the Server Files.

Prices will remain the same with our Hosting Packages.

Donations will be sent to Huskymakes, then your cut will be sent to you.

Staff Teams will answer to the Manager of the Server and not you (the client).

If you cancel your Server the files will be downloaded and are the property of Huskymakes.

 By Ordering this Package you are accepting these Terms.