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Looking for a Brand New Hosting Company?

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Meet our team of dedicated individuals who's goal is to make you happy with your services and to further this new companies success and industries.

Huskymakes is a British Hosting Company with many employees both in the United Kingdom and The United States.

We are a small Company and have just launched and so we have a lot to learn, but we have fresh ideas and new concepts to bring into this industrie, we provide the lowest cost as possible so we can offer cheap Hosting and Products and still pay the bills.

If you have any advice for us or ideas it would be most appreciated, criticism is highly valued as it allows us to progress and provide a better service, as nothing is perfect.

To contact us, head over to the Contact Us page and drop us an email or talk to us via live chat.

Our Senior Team

Our Skills

Photoshop 95%
HTML 93%
PHP 80%
Wordpress 99%
SEO 70%
Ecommerce 91%


How to Get Started

Purchase any of our Web Hosting packages today and get started instantly! Dedicated servers can take up to 24 - 72 hours to be setup, although they can be done on the same day of purchase.

Easy Website Builder

Take advantage of our FREE easy to use Website Builder with any of our Web Hosting packages, and make your Website look proffesional.

100% Whitelabled

Your clients will never know that they Hosted by Huskymakes, with 100% white label features which include cPanel branding, custom DNS, anonymous server names & more.

Reseller Programs

Start making cash today! And setup your very own Hosting Company. All of our Dedicated Servers allow reselling, we also have a reselling program for Web Hosting.